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Deja La Doula is:

Your Perinatal Guide.

Empowering Your Journey into Parenthood

I am dedicated to enhancing your education and ​preparation for the journey ahead.

Think of me as your trusted guide, offering a calming ​presence and unwavering support throughout this ​transformative time. Through meaningful ​CONNECTION, I provide the empowerment and ​reassurance you need to navigate this incredible ​chapter in your life.

Ready to embark on this journey together? Schedule ​a complimentary consultation and let’s begin ​shaping your unique experience!

Deja La Doula Support

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Massage. Yoga. Comfort Measures.

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Providing a safe space for you to feel and be heard.

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Turning information into ​insight for informed decision ​making.

The maternal mortality and morbidity issue has highlighted the importance of doulas and ​the role they can play in improving maternal health outcomes for black and brown women. ​By providing emotional, informational and physical support, doulas help birthing bodies ​and families have a positive birth experience and reduce the risk of maternal mortality.

About Deja

Greetings! I'm LaDeja, also known as Deja the Doula. As a dedicated wife and mom, I've discovered my passion in birth work. Fueled by a passion to address the Black maternal birth crisis, I guide my community with instinct, intuition, and a commitment to evidenced based supportive care.

In 2010, my Doula journey began, and since then, I've had the privilege of offering both labor and postpartum support to families in various settings. As your doula, my mission is to empower you to achieve a positive and fulfilling birth experience while seamlessly transitioning into your role as a new parent.

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Birth Essentials Hospital

  • Support during labor/birth at hospital
  • Prenatal encounters
  • Postpartum encounters
  • Doula resources and support
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Birth Essentials Home

  • Support during labor/birth in home or birth center
  • Prenatal encounters
  • Birth team planning meeting attendance
  • Postpartum encounters
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Other Services

  • Placenta Encapsulation
  • Birth Wish Preparation
  • Childbirth Education
  • Postpartum Support ​(limited availability)

I do not have to be your hired ​birth doula to take advantage of ​these services!


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